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2017, 2018 & 2019 PPANI Pet Photographer of the Year

Man's best friend - we love to welcome pets into the studio. Not just dogs - we have had cats,rabbits and even ducks in the studio!

Pets are such an important part of every family. We can do some fabulous portraits of your pet - and a matching family portrait if you desire.

Just bring a few treats to the session and we'll do the rest.

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The Experience

I want you to really enjoy your photography experience with us. Your shoot will be relaxed and fun – the more natural your photographs the better they will look!

After the photoshoot, we’ll nicely retouch your photographs to make sure you look your absolute best! We’ve also got a really stunning range of products. We specialise in framed products for your wall and have a range to suit all homes.

How it works

1. Give the studio a call,email or Book Online.

2. Enjoy your creative, fun photo session.

3. About a week after the shoot, we’ll invite you into the studio to view the photographs.

4. You can purchase whatever products you desire

Our Pet photoshoots are £75 and include a 8x6in desk frame.

Some Tips...


No doubt you’ll want your pet to look its best so having them groomed and cleaned a couple of days before will do just that. Plus, a flawless, shiny coat looks fabulous in photos.

Walk Beforehand

When it comes to dogs, ensure he or she has been walked, especially if they’re a little hyper. We know cats can be lazy little creatures so try to time the appointment around when they are most alert. You are welcome to arrive earlier and walk them on our street.

Toys & Treats

Armed with your pet’s favourite toy or treat is a great way to reward good behaviour and keep them calm, so keep these tools handy.


Props can make a welcome addition to photos, instantly adding that fun element. Cute dogs can perfectly play up to that trait with adorable hats, while bulldogs can portray their macho image. Its entirely optional!


As your pet is likely to be at the heart of your family, consider a group family photo to highlight this. Just come prepared - don’t clash! Avoid strong patterns or large logos.

Our Products

We have a lovely range of products to suit every taste and home. Each product has been carefully chosen for it’s quality and beauty

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