I love creating family portraits. They aren’t just pictures – they are memories.
Family Portraits
I love capturing life’s tapestry of special moments. I believe images can carry so much emotion, pride and joy. They can bring a smile to your face when you need cheering up, a tear to your eye when they remind you of times past.

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Never forget how small their wee finger & toes are!
Babies change so much so fast! Our newborn photography shoots are a stress-free way to get some lovely photographs that capture this special time. Our newborn shoots aim to capture the cuteness, fragility and beauty of these little miracles!

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Simply Gorgeous baby photography
Baby Face
Our Baby Face sessions for babies 6months - 4years are simply stunning. Focussing on the eyes, they are a timeless memory of your child.

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A fun and unique way to capture your family!
Little White Box
The original and best Little White Box shoot in Northern Ireland!

We wanted to come up with a way to capture special family moments in a relaxed and fun environment. Include their hobbies, sports, musical instruments - the only limit is your imagination! Kids (over 3yrs) will love the box - it even works well for demanding teenagers!

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Capture your love for each other
Love Shoots
Love Shoots can be done at anytime and at any age. From couples in their 20’s to couples in their 80’s! They aim to capture that special bond between the couple – often celebrating something the couple do together – perhaps walking in the hills, playing bowls or cooking together!

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Celebrating the women of N.Ireland!
Little Black Dress
Why does it always take a special occasion to dress up and feel glamourous? We are inviting you to celebrate your little black dress with one of our photoshoots! Suitable for everyone, whether you love or hate the camera, whether you are aged 20 or 65 - this is perfect for you!

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Professional Headshots - ideal for social media and dating apps
Professional headshots for actors, business profiles, dating websites, LinkedIn etc!

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Unleash your inner super-hero!
Capow! Superhero Shoots
Millions of us – kids and adults alike – love dreaming that we have super powers. So if you’re a secret superhero we can help turn fantasy into reality and capture it forever with our cinematic CAPOW experience.

Chose from one of our super-hero costumes or bring your own - and pose in our movie-set!

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Hi there!

Hi! I’m Peter, a wedding & portrait photographer from N.Ireland, with a studio in Belfast. I run Peter Thomas Photography. I’ve got a genuine passion for photography - I absolutely love capturing those special moments that make each of our lives so interesting. I hope this website gives you a little insight into me and my work!