One of the great things about commercial photography is that I can find myself working for such a wide range of businesses. One day I can be shooting a finely crafted pen and the next have a bunch of actors from a theatre production...never a dull moment!

As a business owner, I understand the desire to hire reliable, timely and professional suppliers. With all commercial commissions I do a consultation including a briefing session which ensures both parties are involved and alert to your businesses requirements.  

Our commercial photography and approach is very bespoke - provide my business customers with a listening ear, a flexible approach and large dollops of creativity!

Client Testimonials
"Peter photographed about 40 care homes for us. We were delighted with his reliability and approach. We hope to use him
again for future jobs!"
Peter Blazdell, Clearsons UK Ltd.

"With Peter, a photo shoot has the feel of a relaxed conversation with a good friend. The fact that the results are effortlessly superb is the proof of the pudding every time."
Paul Campbell, Studio Orchestrations
"Peter took photographs at several of our Waterfront Hall concerts, behind the scenes at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin and at a concert in Scotland. We've been really happy with the results!"
Joni McCabe, Tour Director, Getty Music
"Peter's concert photography is brilliantly sensitive. He has a particularly rare talent for capturing the personality of a performer in action, whilst being 100% discreet during the event. He's also wonderfully easy to work with and I recommend him in the highest possible terms."  
Jonathan Rea, New Irish Arts
Hi there!

Hi! I’m Peter, a wedding & portrait photographer from N.Ireland, with a studio in Belfast. I run Peter Thomas Photography. I’ve got a genuine passion for photography - I absolutely love capturing those special moments that make each of our lives so interesting. I hope this website gives you a little insight into me and my work!